Avoid holiday dental dangers with these 5 tips for your teeth 

’Tis the season for holiday treats. From candy canes to chestnuts, popcorn balls to pumpkin pie, Egg nog to hot cocoa, the wonderful foods and spirits that come with the season bring with them possible dangers to your teeth. But there’s no need to cramp your Christmas style; just follow these helpful tips to ensure a healthy smile throughout the holidays and into the New Year!

Be less “chew”-sy—Among the myriad yummies that confront you, the ooey-gooey ones can be most problematic. Candy apples, caramel and taffy stick to tooth enamel and gather in your mouth’s nooks and crannies, encouraging tooth decay. Plus, they can yank out fillings!

They’re teeth, not tools—Sure, those plastic packaging and price-tag fasteners are annoying, but don’t take out your frustration by using your bicuspids to remove them or open your gifts. You risk chipping or cracking them. Use scissors. Same dangers apply when shelling nuts with your teeth—DON’T! That’s what nutcrackers are for.

Let’s talk turkey—Amidst the many holiday treats, turkey is actually good for your teeth. The festive fowl is an excellent source of phosphorous and protein, both of which aid your body in fighting tooth decay as well as strengthening teeth and keeping them healthy.

Be prepared—Even the most prudent of us suffer accidents. You just never know when or where a dental “D’Oh!” may occur. Pack dental floss, over-the-counter pain relievers or other items made for medical emergencies when you travel. Always have a contact number for your dentist handy in case of an emergency.

Steady as she goes—Don’t use the change in your daily routine that comes with the holidays as an excuse for ignoring your normal dental duties. Brush at least two times a day. In fact, you should do so more frequently to combat the extra sweets you’ll enjoy. And honor any and all appointments with your dentist. Don’t put off teeth cleaning until the New Year simply because you are busy.

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