Game night at The Geekery



Who doesn’t enjoy a rousing game night with a group of friends—especially when someone else is hosting? The Geekery recently opened its doors on Broadway just a few blocks east of Steinway, and owners Syrus Gabales and Wendy Chua are offering precisely that.

In addition to a library of over one hundred games that can be rented by customers and played on expansive tables at the back of the store, The Geekery also sells an extensive assortment of board games, card games,and strategy games ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Catan, and even the raucously popular Cards Against Humanity—which is usually only available online.

Before hoards of family and friends descend upon your house this holiday season, swing by The Geekery to see what games might provide some engaging entertainment for everyone. Better yet, bring the whole family over to play.


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