How to make sure we win the war against terrorism

By William Lewis

Domestic terrorism has been a primary threat to our country. Steps are and should be taken to counter the terrorist attack that took place in San Bernadino, which indicates the type of enemy that we face.

It is time for our law enforcement agencies to increase nationally, state and locally. At the federal level the FBI needs more agents to counter the threats that have developed. Other law enforcement needs to expand as well.

Our police units need more technology in addition to training. National security will be a major issue in the 2016 presidential election. This is certainly one of the most serious threats that our nation has ever faced.

As long as ISIS continues fighting a war in the Mideast, they will also continue acts of terrorism. However, our country has been involved in major conflicts before, including World War II and the Cold War against Communism. We won both wars and we will win again this time.

The war against ISIS and radical terrorism may continue for a long time before victory is achieved. Now is the time to build our military forces and law enforcement.

The Republican primaries will soon be here. If one candidate should win the first four primaries, namely the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, that candidate will probably be the nominee of the Republican Party

However, we have a long time before Election Day in November 2016. A lot can happen during that period of time. For the candidate who wins the election of 2016, it will have been a hard fight. In most cases it will have meant two years of campaigning.

We have had few major conflicts at party conventions during the last 100 years but they have occurred. The most recent was in 1976 when Ronald Reagan challenged President Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination. Ford finally won the nomination by a slim margin over Reagan. Ford went on to lose to Jimmy Carter, who would lose to Ronald Reagan four years later.

As we get closer to the party conventions next summer, we will see more candidates drop out and the final Republican vote of the delegates will be between two candidates.

The American people will probably be showing a lot more interest in national and local politics next year. The stakes are high as the importance of this election unfolds.

The issues that candidates will be discussing next year have usually been on the forefront before, but not with the intensity that they are being raised now. The issues will include high crime, especially in large cities, and illegal immigration coming from our southwest border, and as always, will play a major role in the campaign.

The endless war in the Mideast will be a very important issue in terms of what the American role should be or will be. Trade policy with foreign nations will also be a critical issue.

Our democratic system will be tested to the fullest as our citizens choose our country’s national and local leaders.

Next year will bring maximum interest as people go to the polls in all 50 states. Let us hope for a large turnout next year.

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