The simple move that reduces stress, increases lifespan and more!

Feeling blue…? Smile.
Lethargic…? Smile.
Frantic…? Smile.

It may seem a simplistic notion, but the act of smiling has proven benefits that go far beyond displaying happiness, benefits such as reducing stress, elevating your mood and bettering your health. You’ll be surprised, even amazed, at what smiling can do. Read on… It may just put a smile on your face.

Stressbuster—One of, if not the, greatest cause of illness and death is stress. And when we’re not stressing, we’re doing things trying to reduce stress. Drugs, psychiatrists, yoga, alcohol, diets, aromatherapy, candles, music, retreats, the lists goes on and on. In fact, people stress over trying not to stress! Stop wasting time and spending money. Just smile a little more throughout the day. Smiling releases endorphins, which makes us feel good and counteracts stress.

Turn the Beat Around—No surprise, given smiling’s effect on stress, it also reduces heart rate, helping your heart do its job without overworking. People who smile are less likely to develop heart disease, another major contributor to bad health and shortened lifespan.

Be Happy—Remember those endorphins mentioned above? They do more than reduce stress. They lift your spirits. They’re the same chemicals that produce what joggers call a “runners’ high,” or are released when enjoying sex. So whenever you’re feeling blue, paste a smile onto your face. Even if not initially genuine, eventually it will evolve to the real article and improve your day.

Oh, the Immunity!—Studies have shown that smiling actually increases the production of white blood cells, which help fight illness by strengthening your immunity.

Lucky 7—Hard to believe, but smiling increases your lifespan. Perhaps it’s a combination of the numerous healthful benefits already discussed, but people who smile live an average of 7 more years than their gloomy friends.

Busy Bee—Perhaps those dwarfs were right when they advocated whistling while you work. The same mentality applies to smiling, which can boost productivity. So go ahead, and take a moment to enjoy the occasional meme or exchange a joke with co-workers. That resulting smile will motivate you and increase your performance.

Hey, Good Lookin’—No one likes a Gloomy Gus or Debbie Downer. But a smile will enhance your appearance, making you more attractive. Smiling also has the power to turn back time by lifting the face, making you appear 3 years younger on average. And who doesn’t want to look younger?

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