Broadway dancer & Astoria resident talks career and favorite neighborhood spots

Photo by Amanda Juica

After performing at the Goodspeed and Paper Mill, and after crossing the country in the touring casts of “A Chorus Line” and “West Side Story,” Michael Scirrotto stepped in the coveted cast of the longest-running revival in Broadway history: “Chicago.”

We caught up with the stunningly handsome and supremely talented dancer on an Astoria-bound N train as Scirrotto traveled home from an evening performance of the hit show, and asked if he could sit down for a chat about the neighborhood he proudly calls home.

QNS: What is your current role on Broadway?

Michael Scirrotto: Currently I am in the Broadway production of “Chicago The Musical.”  I play the characters of The Jury and Harry.

How long have you been involved with that show?

I have been with “Chicago The Musical” for about two years now. It’s been a crazy ride so far.

How long have you lived in Astoria?

I have lived in Astoria for exactly nine years now—practically a native.

Do you have a favorite coffee spot?

I hold a sweet spot for Brooklyn Bagel’s coffee.

What about a place for drink?

There are so many great drink spots here in the hood. I especially love Crescent & Vine and The Bonnie.

What about a favorite comfort food spot?

The Sparrow Tavern, for sure.

Any spots you recommend for live entertainment?


What about a favorite space to do something good for your body?

Being that I am a professional dancer, if I really want to do something good for my body I go to Chinese Gongfu Tuina for an hour and a half massage. They are THE BEST—a great price point, too. As a dancer, you always want to find a good bargain on an excellent rub down. It’s essential.

Are there any favorite places to take a walk with a friend?

I love to walk down 23rd Avenue to Astoria Park. I especially love that walk during the spring and summer. The neighbors take such good care of their homes and lawns. It makes me feel like I am in a real neighborhood.

What is something special about Astoria you feel is different from Manhattan?

I like the feeling that I live in a neighborhood. I know the names of the people at the grocery store, the laundromat, and even my barber. They also know my name. Also, the feeling of being able to get out of the chaos of the concrete jungle that we call Manhattan. I feel like I can breathe when I am back in Astoria.

Speaking of fresh air, do you have a favorite memory in Astoria Park?

This past summer, my friend and I stumbled upon what seemed like an Aztec Sun Worship ceremony. The costumes, chants and percussion were so overwhelming. It was an awesome experience to just sit and observe. I really appreciate the diversity of that park.

What are your go-to spots for healthy foods?

Natural Frontier Market on Ditmars is a great little place. Also, stop by Brooklyn Bagel for a fresh-squeezed OJ. THE BEST.

Where do you go for exercise?

I love to go to the gym and have a good workout. I go to The Rock (on 31st under the Ditmars Boulevard stop). I like that place. No B.S.

What’s your favorite pre-theater spot in Astoria?

I order delivery from Yaar Indian Restaurant. SO GOOD. Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan. Yum.

Any favorite post-theater hangouts in Astoria?

MP Taverna, Albatross Bar, The Pomeroy, Sparrow Tavern, The Ditty.


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