Learn to pour beer like a Czech at LIC’s Bierocracy during NYC Beer Week

Photo courtesy of Bierocracy

One Long Island City bar is celebrating New York City Beer Week by allowing students to become masters in European-style beer pouring.

Bierocracy, a beer hall that offers a variety of pours native to the Czech Republic, is offering a one-day pour class on Feb. 24, where participants will learn how to pour beer using the old fashioned Lukr ball valve faucet. Bryan Panzica, a trade quality manager for Pilsner Uruquell, along with Bierocracy staff will act as teachers.

For $15, participants can try three pours and will also be given a European-style school scorecard to track their knowledge. The winner will receive a Pilsner Uruqell hat or retro t-shirt. At the end of the session, which begins at 6 p.m., participants will pour hladinka, the classic head pour, mlilko, a wet, drinkable foam that turns to beer and rezane, a European version of the half and half using pale and dark lagers.

They key to a perfect pour includes opening and closing the faucet at just the right time and tilting the mug at the right angle, according to beer sommelier Eric Ziobro.

Mlilko is accomplished by opening the faucet approximately 20 percent to establish a wet foam. The rezane pour is the most difficult, he said. After pouring the pale lager base, one should layer in a two-inch dark lager foam that must stay on top of the base pour for a sweet and bitter taste.

The beer hall will celebrate beer week with events on Feb.22, Feb. 23 and Feb. 25. Big Alice Brewing, LIC Beer Project Tap Takeover and Remarkable Liquids will visit Bierocracy to offer their signature drinks.

There is no pre-registration for any of the events. For more information, visit Bierocracy’s website here.


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