Flushing crowd-sources community improvement ideas through potlucks

Photo via Shutterstock

Eat a meal and improve your community at “Greater Flushing Soup” dinner next month.

The Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce will host a potluck dinner on April 15 at the Flushing Meeting house. For a $5 admission fee, attendees will get to enjoy a fine meal and hear presentations on community project ideas and vote on the best ones. At the end of the evening, the ballots are counted and all of the money collected at the door is awarded to the project with the most votes.

Groups interested in presenting their projects are encouraged to fill out the application available at the Greater Chamber of Commerce’s website. Applicants are asked to answer a number of questions, including how they think their project will impact the community and how they plan to invest the potential prize money.

Four teams will be asked to present their projects at 5 p.m. They will each be given five minutes to present with no access to digital aid. Additional time will be allotted for a brief Q & A session.  

Similar soup events have taken place throughout the country. Organizations like Detroit’s, Detroit Soup have hosted 130 events since 2010, raising almost $120,000.  

According to the organization Sunday Soup, the greatest benefits from these types of events can be best seen throughout time. “Regular meetings can establish a dedicated community…it as an open platform to discuss ongoing projects with new audiences, meet new collaborators, and share ways of working.”