Gun advocates only see part of the problem

By Ed Horn

There are fantasies and then again there are fantasies. Those that are considered as possible realities by fanatics are not only delusional but dangerous.

ISIS can chop off heads, rape and kill while broadcasting on social media for those radicalized or simply unbalanced to commit horrendous acts.

They may inspire some to do as was done at the Pulse Club in Orlando.

ISIS will never conquer the West or the United States. Of the billions of Muslims only a small percentage are devoted to radical acts. Blaming Muslims in totality for the acts of a few is a demagogue’s bread and butter. Such people seek power from fear-mongering and fomenting hatred.

Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza and Omar Mateen had more than U.S. citizenship in common. Each was mentally questionable. Only one was a Muslim. Yet Roof murdered church members at a bible study, Lanza slaughtered children in their school at Sandy Hook.

Gun advocates and Republican supporters of Trump are not for banning Christians from entering the U.S. or questioning their religious teachings. It is shameful that the NRA opposes sensible gun guidelines, Republicans cave to the extremists and Trump depends upon fear of terrorists to increase his chances.

Some Trump supporters have demanded that Congress declare war. It would appear Trump and his supporters would do so against any group or nation that they find objectionable. The specter of martial law with Trump suspending habeas corpus may be a dream for him but a nightmare for the nation.

Ed Horn

Community Relations

St. Michael’s Cemetery

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