MAP: Make all your friends jealous and find the rarest Pokemon around Queens

Screenshots: Alec Posner/QNS

If you started to play Pokemon Go but don’t seem to have the same luck as your friends (or frenemies), they may have had a competitive advantage … Some Poke-venturers have combed Queens for hot-spot locations and shared their information to the masses.

Mark down this Reddit list as a credible source of information. We have searched Queens far and wide to confirm that many of the locations are indeed home to the same Pokemon user ruckyruciano claimed.

Did you choose a Bulbasaur to start the game? We’ve all made that mistake before, but now you can remedy it. All three starting Pokemon are waiting to be caught in various locations including Squirtles by Bayside Marina, Bulbasaurs on Northern Boulevard/147th Street, and Charmanders in Yellowstone Park (68th Avenue in Forest Hills).




The list also included a few other hard-to-find Pokemon in the Queens area. Stay in the marina after you catch your Squirtle to also find a blue duck-type Pokemon called Golduck. Then, head west to Kissena Park to find a massive amount of the boxing Pokemon that could match toe-to-toe with Mike Tyson, Hitmonchan.

Whether you go to these locations or try your luck somewhere else, it’s impossible to walk in the streets without almost bumping into someone with their nose stuck to their phones playing the game. If you need to jumpstart your Pokedex or you haven’t even begun the game yet, check out this interactive map to find the best Pokemon around.