#DesignHack: Find secret savings on tile today!

#DesignHack: Find secret savings on tile today!

The most savvy shoppers in Queens know where to find the best deals, sales and secret savings. Today, we’re blowing the lid off the secret savings you can get at Tiles Unlimited…odd lots. Read on to find out how you can get in on these deals before the general public finds out.

What is An Odd Lot?

Odd lots are typically smaller quantities of tile that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, end of production runs or left over batches of tile that we are clearing out of our warehouse at tremendous savings. Generally, there is enough tile to do a room or smaller area.


All of Tiles Unlimited’s odd lots are first quality products that we only have a certain amount of in a particular batch or dye lot. Tiles are manufactured in lots. When a new lot is made, it is not advisable to mix the tiles with those from an earlier lot as properties of the tile, such as color or thickness, may be different and have a negative impact on your project.

The quantity listed for an odd lot sale is all that is available for that particular lot. There will not be any more available once a particular lot is sold. In an odd lot sale, you must purchase the full quantity of available tile to take advantage of these greatly reduced prices.

Why Buy An Odd Lot? 

As we mentioned, these are first quality tiles! If the available square footage meets your needs, it’s a no-brainer. Shrewd shoppers are often able to obtain tile that is out of their budget for a fraction of its original cost.

The savings are substantial. A recent high-end marble mosaic that normally sells for $50.20 per square foot sold for less than $27 per square foot for a 22-square-foot odd lot. The client saved $492, enabling her to install a gorgeous marble mosaic on her bathroom floor that would have been out of her budget. Another client grabbed a recent odd lot of Italian porcelain floor tile (19 square feet) and was able to redo her entryway for $27!


While Tiles Unlimited stocks over half a million square feet of tile, there are many times when tile must be ordered. As many tiles come from Europe, this can add substantial lead time to delivery. You’ll have no such problems with an odd lot as you can take it home today.


Want to learn about these and other deals before they are announced to the general public? Join our BARGAINS text list. We’ll send only one text per week with a tremendous deal. To join the list, simply text the word “bargains” to 31-996. Don’t text? Follow our BARGAINS Facebook page instead.


Tile Unlimited’s indoor parking garage is filled with dozens of deals like the examples in the pictures above, but these go fast. All odd lot sales above were available when this article went to press. Odd lots not for you? Head over here for a coupon to save up to $600 off tile.

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