Hispanic women say no to Trump in Jackson Heights

Waiting to cast ballots at PS 69 in Jackson Heights.
Photo by Gina Martinez

At PS 69 in Jackson Heights, the school was packed with voters, but the process was very organized with short lines. People were coming in and out

Many of the voters were Hispanic and had turned out in large numbers to make their voices heard.

“I’m not voting for either of them. I was a huge Hillary fan. I even bought her book, but all the things I’ve found out about her recently disappointed me,” said Cecilia Acero, a 40-year resident of Jackson Heights. She’s too corrupt, everyone in Washington is. Don’t get me started on Trump. He is the worst. I don’t like either choice.”

But Mariella Fiera had a different take. “I’m voting Hillary because she can make change happen. I believe in her, she’s with us.”

Another Hispanic woman was switching parties for Clinton.

“I’m a Republican, but I’m voting for Hillary. What Trump has said about Latinos is inexcusable,” said Angelina Ramirez, a longtime resident of Jackson Heights. “There’s no way I could vote for him.”

Trump’s views on Hispanics and immigrants cost him support among the Hispanic voters.

“Latinos have a voice, voting is an opportunity to have a place in this country,” Maria Vera said. “Donald trump was my motivation to vote. He said too many terrible things for me not to act on it.”

One older Hispanic woman rejected Trump out of hand.

“Voting is important. There are a lot of issues that affect me, especially Social Security. I’m 67 years old,” said Marita de Aguilar. “Donald trump is unjust, he is gross. As a woman I don’t like him. I think Clinton is a good candidate.”

Gina Martinez

TimesLedger reporter

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