108th Precinct commander leaves for new post at Internal Affairs Bureau

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Deputy Inspector John Travaglia, commander of the 108th Precinct, left his post after two years to work for the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Travaglia was assigned to the 108th Precinct in November 2014 after spending much of his career at the NYPD’s Highway Patrol. Travaglia began his career in the NYPD in 1993 at the 105th Precinct.

Throughout the years, he has also served in the 113th and 104th precincts, and Patrol Borough Queens South, Patrol Borough Queens North, Highway District, Highway 3 and Queens South Narcotics Division.

The 108th Precinct covers Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside and Maspeth.

During his tenure, a second anti-crime team was formed, which helped drive crime numbers down. Crime stemming from nightclubs in the area was also a large focus during Travaglia’s tenure.

Places like Long Island City’s Club Allure were eventually shut down with the help of the NYPD for being prone to violence and drug trafficking.

“I truly believe that my success can only be attributed to all of the citizenry helping to co-produce the service that we as the police provide,” Travaglia said. “Good police service is only achieved by the help of all from the community.”

He was assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau on Dec. 16, and the 108th Precinct is currently being run by the precinct’s executive officer, Captain Dominic Carosella, and the executive staff of Patrol Borough Queens North until a replacement is named.

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