Lancman wants uniform curb heights

By Patrick Donachie

The city’s Department of Transportation should fix any changes they make to curbs in the process of repairing streets in order to protect homeowners and tenants from flooding and city fines, City Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Hillcrest) said about legislation he has proposed.

“It’s a very simple proposition,” Lancman said during an interview. “If the DOT is doing something to damage your curb and property, it should fix the damage that it causes.”

Lancman said that several constituents in his district had reached out to his office complaining that street repaving and repairs had dramatically shortened the distance between the street and the top of the curb, which can lead to flooding in the event of rain spilling over the top of the curb onto lawns.

One constituent found he had suffered property damage when rainwater spilled over the top of the curb and ran down his declining driveway into his garage. Lancman said the constituent had done work on repairing the curb outside of his home which was negated by repairs to the street done by the DOT.

“Practically speaking, there’s no curb anymore even though he spent money to remake the curb,” Lancman said.

Other constituents complained they received tickets from the city due to standing water on their property that was only happening as a result of the shortened distance between the curb height and the street.

Lancman introduced legislation requiring that the DOT “shall ensure that appropriate curb heights are maintained whenever the department takes up and restores any pavement, sidewalk, curb or gutter in any street.” There was one co-sponsor on the bill already and Lancman said he was sending a letter to other council members seeking additional sponsors.

A DOT spokesperson said the department was reviewing the legislation.

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