Fresh Meadows father admits to fatally choking his 8-year-old son in their home

Photo courtesy of Jerry Kenmoe’s family

A Fresh Meadows man who admitted in court this week that he strangled his 8-year-old son to death with his bare hands before trying to kill himself could spend the next two decades behind bars, Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown announced.

Boujeke Kenmoe, 44, of Underhill Avenue plead guilty on April 25 to a first-degree manslaughter charge for killing 8-year-old Jerry Kenmoe inside their home in June of 2014. Law enforcement sources said the elder Kenmoe slit his own wrist afterward in a failed attempt to take his own life.

“A father is supposed to protect and teach his son, but in this demented reality, [Boujeke Kenmoe] wrapped his ands around the youngster’s neck and choked the life from his defenseless child,” Brown said in a statement on Tuesday. “The defendant will have plenty of time to think about this incomprehensible act when he is sentenced to a lengthy term of incarceration.”

Officers from the 109th Precinct visited the Kenmoes’ one-bedroom apartment on Underhill Avenue at 10:10 p.m. on June 29, 2014, after receiving a 911 call. Upon arriving at the home, police and paramedics found Boujeke Kenmoe on the floor near a bedroom with his wrist cut.

Moments later, they found Jerry Kenmoe’s lifeless body face up on a bed inside the bedroom; there were marks around his neck indicating that he had been strangled.

Boujeke Kenmoe was treated for his self-inflicted injuries and charged with killing his son following an investigation by the 109th Precinct Detective Squad. He faces up to 23 years behind bars, plus five years’ probation, when he is sentenced on May 23, Brown said.

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