These neighborhoods in Queens are the most dog-friendly in the borough, study finds

Photo courtesy of StreetEasy

New Yorkers love their four-legged friends and Queens residents are no exception.

StreetEasy, a real estate search engine, and Rover, a network of pet sitters and dog walkers, have partnered to break down the best Queens neighborhoods to own a dog.

Researchers factored in the share of pet-friendly rental units listed on StreetEasy, the number of dog sitters on Rover, the number of dog parks and off-leash areas according to NYC Open Data and the number of nearby veterinarians on Yelp.

The most pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens, according to the report, is an area called Alley Park. It consists of houses located around Alley Pond Park in Oakland Gardens. Though there are no dog-friendly rentals in the area and no veterinarians, the neighborhood features 18 dog sitters and a 655-acre park.

Corona was the second most dog-friendly neighborhood with 19.6 percent of rentals listed as dog-friendly, 93 dog sitters, 32 veterinarians and three dog parks.

New Hyde Park, which borders Long Island, is ranked third with one dog park and four dog sitters. Though there are no dog-friendly apartment units, most of the residential stock in the area is made up of one- and two-family homes with backyards and ample space. The researchers also took into account dog sitters and parks within a certain range outside of the neighborhood boundary that could be utilized by nearby dog owners.

With 2.7 percent of rentals listed as dog-friendly, 17 dog sitters, 64 veterinarians and one dog park, Whitestone ranks fourth on the list.

Long Island City has an abundance of dog-friendly amenities; 525 dog sitters, 254 veterinarians and 10 dog parks makes it the fifth most dog-friendly neighborhood in Queens. Approximately 1.5 percent of apartments in the area are listed as dog-friendly.

Since neighborhoods can vary widely by size, StreetEasy normalized the data according to each neighborhood’s population estimate to track metrics on a per capita basis.

Not surprisingly, small dogs make up 42 percent of New York City’s dog population and the most popular breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas.


To celebrate National Dog Day, StreetEasy will donate $100 to Animal Haven, an animal shelter, for every dog adopted from Aug. 25 through Aug. 27.

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