Here are five bathroom design trends that may make your home harder to sell

Home buyers place a lot of weight on bathroom design when making their purchasing decisions. Most want the room to be the ultimate Zen oasis and not a space filled with clutter or overwhelming colors.

The following bathroom styles may hurt your chances for a quick sale.

We’ve also included a few pictures of modern bathroom designs that will stand the test of time, as well as your buyer’s fickle tastes.ContrastingElementsBathroom

Subway Tile

It’s a classic that may never be out of place, but some buyers are a bit fatigued by how commonly its used. They want something a bit more unique that suits their personality. If you want to stick with subway tile, consider using a large-format subway tile which are available in many different colors. Other trends buyers are looking for include are looking are large-format tile or interesting and colorful mosaics. Both the floor and the wall are game for either large tile or mosaics and are available in stone, stone-look, wood-look, and durable porcelain.

All White or Minimalist

A completely white bathroom is a canvas of possibilities, but it can be perceived as being very hard to keep clean. Potential home buyers are steering clear of it in favor of crisp, clean looks that are a little easier to care for. Speaking of crisp design, minimalism has been a favorite for a long time but if it’s too clean-lined, that might mean there isn’t enough storage. Bottom line, potential home buyers are looking for functionality.


Vanity Issues

The bathroom vanity, often the most prominent bathroom feature, can be a turnoff for buyers for several reasons. Dual sinks have fallen out of vogue in favor of more counter space. Acrylic faucet knobs, especially the crystal looking ones are a big no-no. Vanity strip, bare bulb lighting is dated. Choose some stylish lighting fixtures and don’t forget to provide different types of lighting aimed for general ambience, specific tasks, and decorative or mood. LED lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets are gaining in popularity.

Fun Color Schemes

You may have achieved your dream bathroom color scheme, but unless it’s pretty neutral, nobody else will like it. They might even dislike the whole house because of it. Keep color schemes under control by using the 70-20-10 rule. Use a simple neutral color over 70% of the room with 20% in a contrasting color and 10% in something bright or otherwise interesting as an accent color.


Steer clear of these outdated, tired, or overdone designs in the bathroom and make your bathroom something that potential buyers will remember. With scores of collections that work for bathrooms as well as every room in your home, our expert designers stand ready to help you create the design of your dreams. Voted Best Tile Store in the 2017 Best of the Boro, Tiles Unlimited is offering readers of QNS.com a $600 off tile coupon by clicking here.



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