Give your space an upscale urban industrial design with concrete-look porcelain tiles

Upgrade your space with concrete-look tiles.

Love the industrial-chic loft look? It’s a sophisticated choice for offices, restaurants, boutique hotels, and more and more, unique homes and apartments. Real cement floors, exposed brick, metal walls, wood pillars, and the like can be a bear to take care of and keep looking pristine. While a bit of patina finishes the industrial look, you wouldn’t want to go overboard.

That’s why concrete-look porcelain tile is the right choice to get easy care plus keep the urban look you want.

Benefits of Porcelain

Unlike concrete, porcelain tile isn’t porous. That means you won’t have to deal with moisture issues and can use cement-look tile in wet areas. Concrete-look porcelain tiles are very easy to keep clean whereas the only way to clean real concrete is with a pressure washer and often, chemicals.

Color! Concrete-look porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of neutral colors that won’t change over time. No dyes, no sealers, no mess!

Lastly, advances in tile technology can offer you the rusty, brushed, cracked, or discolored sensation of aged concrete without actually having any of the problems that come with those signature looks. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite concrete-look tile collections.

City Sidewalks

City Sidewalks is one of the most realistic concrete-effect tile collections we’ve seen to date. Its industrial look combined with beautiful color variations and a rough texture make it appropriate for any room, even outdoors. The made in the USA tiles measure 12×24 and come in four colors.


This & That

This & That is one of the most unusual collections we’ve seen in quite some time. The collection was inspired by the ancient Roman construction technique of using irregularly shaped and randomly placed uncut stones in Opus Caementicium (Roman concrete). The technique has been brilliantly reimagined with some of the most beautiful decors we’ve ever seen. The Italian porcelain collection features 4 sizes, including a massive 48×48 slab and some of the most unique mosaics.


Urban Concrete

Urban Concrete embodies the look of aged concrete and can be used on floors and walls. The collection is noted for its outstanding color variations and how the tile has marks on it much like you get with concrete over time. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, the collection features six colors, three sizes and stunning mosaics and decors.


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