This exhibit showcases hundreds of unique Queens homes through photographs

Photos by Rafael Herrin-Ferr

Architect Rafael Herrin-Ferri has traversed Queens since 2012 to capture images of unique low-rise homes, and hundreds of his photographs are presented in an exhibit at The Architectural League of New York.

All the Queens Homes” showcase 273 of the more than 5,000 photographs Herrin-Ferri has taken as he explored approximately one third of the borough’s neighborhoods. The exhibit will be open Fridays from Oct. 20 through Dec. 15 from 2 to 6 p.m. at 594 Broadway, Suite 607. Entrance is free.

The project is ongoing and Herrin-Ferri started the photographic survey to capture the wildly different housing stock found in the “World’s Borough.”

"Mint Green Separated Twins" in Woodside.
“Mint Green Separated Twins” in Woodside.

“All the Queens Homes” is described as “an investigation into the (in)formal qualities of the borough’s attached, semi-detached and detached houses and small apartment buildings, exploring how they reflect the incredible diversity of the borough’s population, often regarded as the most ethnically and linguistically diverse place in the world.”

Herrin-Ferri visited 34 neighborhoods to take photos of the façades, side elevations and distinct features of 273 homes. While 259 of the photographs highlight unique homes, 14 of the photos are blown up to highlight interesting details.

"Palladian Fantasy Condo on Parking Plinth" in Flushing.
“Palladian Fantasy Condo on Parking Plinth” in Flushing.

The photographs are installed by neighborhood in alphabetical order and the titles Herrin-Ferri gave to each photo are described as “part academic, part broker listing, part New York Magazine caption.”

Herrin-Ferri is a Spanish-born architect who was raised in Ithaca, N.Y. He currently works at Studio Joseph as a senior architect and lives in Sunnyside with his wife and daughter.

"East Elmhurst Gropius."
“East Elmhurst Gropius.”


"Wedding Cake Condo" in Astoria.
“Wedding Cake Condo” in Astoria.
"Eclectic Row" in Briarwood.
“Eclectic Row” in Briarwood.

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