BCA has not held meetings since June

BCA has not held meetings since June
By Joseph N. Manago

In June 2017, the Briarwood Community Association held its last meeting at Melrose Credit Union.

Due to the retirement of its president, Seymour Schwartz, a hand-picked successor was elected without a proper democratic vote by its members – a mere show of a few hands, and no alternate candidates.

Since the BCA claims it has no venue for monthly meetings, there has not been a meeting since June – three missed monthly meetings.

No monthly newsletter has been published or distributed to the community-at-large. No Christmas party seems to have been planned. For several years, there has been no Christmas tree in the Briarwood mall.

What has been happening with the BCA membership fees and government grants?

Three stores are presently vacant and a fourth closed.

The public parking garage on 84th Drive has been closed for months under a city vacate order due to severe and dangerous structural defects, with trash accumulating on the adjacent sidewalk.

Something is rotten in Denmark (Shakespeare, “Hamlet”) . . .

Joseph N. Manago


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