Remembering Flight 587 in the Rockaways

Remembering Flight 587 in the Rockaways
Because the plane crashed into homes in Belle Harborm, killing people on the ground, the city’s first responders are a big presence every year at rhe memorial service.
Photo by Michael Shain
By Michael Shain

Sixteen years after the second worst airline distaster in U.S. history, a memorial service was held for the 265 people killed in the crash of Flight 587 in the Rockaways.

The plane, bound for Santa Domingo, went down minutes after taking off from JFK.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was the first to lay a white rose in the memorial wall that stands at the foot of Beach 116th Street.

A decade and a half has not diminished the grief shown by about 200 mourners who attended the service last Sunday morning.

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