Alabama got it right with senatorial election

By Benjamin M. Haber

The saying “Hope springs eternal in the human breast” was evident in the recent Alabama senatorial election.

Congratulations are in order to the majority of the voters in Alabama who possessed the moral and intellectual understanding to defeat the candidacy of Roy S. Moore for the U.S. Senate. He believed his own religious beliefs were the sole valid legal authority, resulting not once but twice in his removal as a justice of the Alabama Supreme Court because he willfully refused to obey the tenets of the United Sates Constitution.

He is a man accused of sexually harassing teenagers, a man who wanted qualified U.S. Muslim citizens banned from serving in elective office and called for the criminalization of homosexuality, and a man who still lives and thinks in pre-Civil War times.

Moore was as unqualified for the Senate as his supporter, Donald Trump, is for the presidency of the United States.

Benjamin M. Haber


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