JFK Airport Managers Bulletins

JFK Airport Managers Bulletins
Runway construction has been completed at JFK.

On November 15th, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center began providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at JFK Airport.

Jamaica EMS has four Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedics and two ambulances dedicated to providing 24/7 services utilizing Jamaica EMS emergency response guidelines and deployment methodologies.

The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) will escort Jamaica EMS as is the current protocol for mutual aid partners, at all Vehicle Guard Posts and Terminal TSA passenger screening points. For those companies that utilize a Vehicle Guard Post to access airside, please ensure all vehicles give way to Jamaica EMS. The PAPD will, as is the current protocol, dispatch all medical response requests to Jamaica EMS. The PAPD will, as is the current protocol, dispatch all medical response requests to Jamaica EMS. For all emergency calls, please continue to contact JFK PAPD command at 718-244-4333.

Non-Discrimination Regulations

The Port Authority of NT NJ is committed to a safe, secure and efficient environment for all our passengers. We reiterate that every airport tenant is required to adhere to all Title VI and Non-Discrimination regulations and provide reasonable modifications for passengers requiring assistance.

The regulations outlining Title VI and Non –Discrimination include, but are not limited to, Title II of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Air Carrier Access Act. Any questions, please contact Jessica Gummerman, Supervisor of Airport Services, at (718) 244-3760

Runway 4R-22L Returns to Service

Runway 4R-22L is now back in service. The rehabilitation of Runway 4R-22L was necessary to upgrade and maintain. The runway is 8,400 feet long by 200 feet wide and serves primarily as a landing runway accommodating approximately 53% of all arrivals and handling nearly 100,000 aircraft operations annually.

The rehabilitation project has brought the runway to a state of good repair and includes delay reduction initiatives that realign high speed Taxiways F and H, which allow aircraft to exit quicker and improving airfield efficiency and safety. The community’s assistance and support as made the project a success and is greatly appreciated.

One of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center ambulances at T1 JFK.

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