POTUS points to personal pilot as promotion to FAA

POTUS points to personal pilot as promotion to FAA
President Trump’s plane spends a lot of time at Sheltair at LaGuardia Airport.

President Trump has floated a trial balloon to the press by stating he feels that his personal pilot would be a good choice to head the Federal Aviation Administration.

The president told telling airline executives he was a “real expert” at a White House meeting a year ago.

The top spot of the FAA had not had a permanent head since the Obama presidency.

John Dunkin has flown Trump and family around during his campaign in 2016 and for other personal trips. piloting a Boeing 757 dubbed “Trump Force One.”

The suggestion raised some eyebrows within the industry,

The $15 billion funded FAA regulates all U.S. airlines that fly into America with duties which include; overseeing one of the world’s largest communities of general aviation from recreational aircraft to business and corporate jet operation; regulating how planes are constructed, maintained and repaired; how they will safely fly in a crowded airspace; keeping an eye on hundreds of thousands of sport and commercial drone operators; managing the complex flight logistics with domestic and international pilots.

“The only person that thinks it’s a good idea, from what I gather, is the president,” said one lobbyist with aviation clients, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to speak more freely about political matters. “I think it’d be a tough confirmation.”

So while Dunkin finds himself tending to duties on the Boeing craft which is now gathering a bit of dust after a hectic campaign schedule at LaGuardia Airport. The country waits to see if this idea will fly with Congress.

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