Why I’m voting for Tony Avella

By Stuart Baum

I will be voting for state Sen. Tony Avella in both the primary and the general election. When Sen. Avella defeated the great former Sen. Frank Padavan, I was devastated, as the former senator’s advertising slogans used to say, “Nobody Cared Like Frank.”

Even though these two men are at totally different ends of the political spectrum, they have one similarity, as Sen. Avella has proven time and time again. He cares about the issues his constituents support and their individual problems as well.

I have had to call on the senator on numerous occasions to help me get through some bureaucracy and I can tell you, in a matter of days he got the problem solved. I have often had the impression he has supported some community issues that he did not necessarily believe in personally, but because the majority of his constituents supported the issue and he is elected to represent them, he took their stand and not his own.

I do not care whether the senator is a member of the regular Democratic Party, the New Democratic Party or any other party. What I care about his how he represents the community and helps the individuals that live in that community.

He has often said, “I am elected to serve my constituents, not a party” and that is what Sen. Avella does so well.

Stuart Baum


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