Bayside actor muscles into Hollywood with a film about northeast Queens in the 1980s

Photo courtesy of Peter Gaudio


Bayside native Peter Gaudio will be playing “the muscle” in upcoming film “Cruise,” which is directed by Robert Siegel, writer of films “The Wrestler” and “The Founder.”

“Cruise” is set in 1987 New York featuring fast cars, mob connections and a blue-collar, Italian-American (Spencer Boldman) falling for a wealthy Jewish girl (Emily Ratajkowski) from Long Island, according to the movie’s IMDb page.

The film’s setting is personal for Gaudio, since it’s on his home turf.

“I’ve lived this movie. Everyone else comes to Queens and does their work and then goes back home to their mansions in Malibu. I still live in Bayside,” Gaudio said.

Gaudio works alongside another Queens local, Gino Cafarelli, in “Cruise.” Cafarelli was involved in the pre-production, has an executive producer credit and plays the father of Spencer Boldman’s character in the movie.

“If it wasn’t for Gino, the movie ‘Cruise’ wouldn’t be where it is today,” Gaudio said.

Gaudio’s storied resume includes a role in Robert De Niro’s directorial debut “A Bronx Tale,” which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and an uncredited role as a mobster in “Gotti,” a film starring John Travolta.

“I’ve been blessed to work opposite some very talented performers,” he said.

Gaudio also has a new television series coming to a major network in 2019. The show has yet to be officially announced, but is a mob drama set in Brooklyn, Gaudio said. The project is a collaboration with William DeMeo, a Brooklyn native Gaudio met working on “A Bronx Tale” and worked with again in “Gotti.”

While Gaudio has had different parts in many projects, he said the most important role he plays is father to his daughter Petrina.

“Cruise” premieres in select theaters on Sept. 28, and will also be available on demand.

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