Keep your eyes peeled for scammers

By Bob Harris

A couple of weeks ago, my wife answered a phone call and a male voice said, “Hello, grandma, this is your grandson.” My wife’s response was, “Who is this?” “What is your name?” The answer was, “Your grandson!” My wife persisted, “What is your name?” The person then said, “I must have the wrong number” and hung up.

This was a scam call, with the caller trying to get my wife to give out a name or a location so he could scam her.

The scam artist wants the victim to provide information so they can make the scam as a grandson who needs money to fix a car or for a hospital bill. The crook wants the victim to usually send a money order for a few hundred dollars. Not too much, but just enough for a quick scam.

One should be cautious and not give any information and just hang up. Some scammers call saying they are from the IRS or the Department of the Treasury or your local bank and then ask you to provide account numbers or other information or ask for a money order to solve a problem.

If the victim has a foreign accent, the crook may say they are from immigration. They say there is a problem and ask for a money order.

If you receive such a call don’t volunteer any information. If the call sounds wrong, just hang up. The IRS or immigration does not call people at home.

In rare cases, the crook might call back and threaten a person with arrest, but just hang up and call 911 or ask information for the agency the caller says they were from. Don’t get involved in a conversation with the caller… just hang up.

Recent calls have been from a foreign sounding person saying they are calling because there is a problem with my computer. I just… hang up. One must always be on guard against scams of all kinds. Don’t talk to the crook, just hang up and protect your money.

NEW MEDICARE ID CARDS: My wife and I have just received our new Medicare ID cards. These new cards do not have your Social Security number but a new special number. Give the new number to your health providers or people you trust who will work with Medicare for you.

MORE HI-RISERS IN ELMHURST: The May-June 2018 Newtown Civic Association’s “Newtown Crier” had an article about the building of more hi-rise apartments in Elmhurst.

Many iconic buildings on Queens Boulevard are being torn down and apartments are being built. Some new buildings are only seven-stories high but have internal bracing so new stories can be added in the future.

Overcrowding seems to be taking place and the 1938 subways, schools and sewer lines don’t seem to be able to handle many more residents.

There is concern about the loss of iconic landmarks such as the Georgia Diner and the old Jack LaLanne gym plus why are so many motels being build down Queens Boulevard in Woodside? Are these motels for travelers or for homeless shelters?

Good and bad news of the week:

The 20 parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook Elementary killings in Newtown, Conn., are suffering again because some people post conspiracy theories online saying that the deaths were faked or that they never happened. Just to be able to keep guns of mass destruction, some people keep putting up conspiracy theories and even threaten the victims. Some Internet sites take down these hurtful blogs but the parents are constantly fighting to have these vicious blogs removed. Twenty six died there.

Survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland , Fla., have been traveling all over the United States this summer to advocate for gun control legislation. Survivors David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez just met with Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. They want people to vote.

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