Looking for balance and good fortune? This Rego Park designer says feng shui can give you both

Photo courtesy of Tammy Scileppi


Feeling unlucky lately? Life getting you down? Bad feng shui could be contributing to your troubles.

Did you know that negative energy flow in your home or office space creates blockages that may lead to blocked opportunities? And that adding a pop of red is a surefire way to bring in good fortune?

It’s possible to transform every area of your life, even increase sales and profits of a business, with good energy or Chi. And, understanding where to place furniture and accessories for optimum feng shui results, is key.

It’s well known that feng shui has a huge impact on the layout of living/working spaces and the aesthetics of interior design. But its remarkable effect on the lives of people who dwell in those spaces,
Isn’t emphasized enough.

Prosperity, better health, love and happiness, can be yours in the new year, if you’re open to embracing the “magic” of this ancient Chinese practice.

Here, FengShui Master Zhi Hai, whose name means Sea of Knowledge in Chinese, offers valuable suggestions. The Rego Park resident is a world renowned FengShui Master, Metaphysics Master and architect.

Zhi Hai does residential and commercial evaluations and has helped business people, architects, famous personalities, and others through her knowledge and experience. As founder and Chair of the American FengShui Association, she brings together FengShui experts, leading real estate developers and brokers from around the world, to discuss and work on important FengShui developments. Many TV stations, real estate and Wall Street investment firms, and NYC government unions, have invited her to give seminars.

She is an author and radio host. Her Chinese FengShui Column has appeared in the World Journal and other publications.

“I deeply believe that the practice of FengShui can improve everyone’s life in terms of positive energy, improved performance in work and in home, significant growth in business, better study results for students, significantly improved personal relationships and a deeply enriched environmental space,” Zhi Hai said. “It is my mission to bring Abundance and Prosperity to as many people as I can.”

Before coming to America in 1997, she managed one of the foremost architectural firms in China and was responsible for many important public projects. She was head of Henan Province Culture and Architectural Design Dept., which took on design and development of all provincial cultural buildings (libraries, museums, theaters, cultural centers, etc.).

“It was there that my interest in FengShui developed,” said Zhi Hai, who worked for an architect firm in Queens when she came to the U.S. There, she noticed that the floor plans they designed, which qualified for NYC Dept. of Buildings rules, didn’t follow the traditional practices of feng shui. “I saw that people would have a hard time living there because of the inner energy of the building,” she recalled. “I started to realize people in America needed a qualified FengShui Master who had a background in architecture.”


Back then, a friend confided that he just didn’t like working in his office space. He wasn’t happy or productive. “I told him to adjust his desk FengShui,” Zhi Hai said. “After I helped him to reorganize his office, he became a workaholic, enjoyed sitting at his desk, and became Chief Creative Officer.”

“I wanted to help my clients to be healthier, happier and wealthier, to help more real estate developers use FengShui to build good FengShui spaces, more architects to use FengShui to design better buildings and floor plans.”

Her knowledge helped a child who was struggling in school. He simply needed his study space improved. With better harmony in his space, his achievements allowed him to move forward and do well, according to Zhi Hai.

“A married couple wanted to improve their space to achieve greater harmony in their relationship. Their stressed marriage turned into a blooming family. And a restaurant owner who acquired a failing business, turned it around and went on to buy more businesses,” she noted.

Most recently, she consulted with developers of two Manhattan buildings, assisting them in marketing penthouse apartments worth more than $12 million (and designed by world-renowned Architect, I. M. Pei).

“For residential, we concentrate on health, relationship and wealth, etc., as every client’s need is different. In the office we concentrate FengShui in three ways: boss, manager and employee,” Zhi Hai explained. “Make the boss/manager have higher energy, wisdom, power and right decision-making. For employees – create a positive workplace. In commercial businesses (restaurants, supermarkets, stores) we concentrate on money FengShui – no troubles, no law suits.”

In Queens, the busy Master has helped hundreds of residential owners and businesses, and works with people all over NYC, NJ, and beyond.

“Human beings’ energy is effected by our surroundings. Even by what kind of jewelry we wear, what kind of people we are with, etc. All of these relationships to the world and our universe are affected by energy and therefore FengShui,” Zhi Hai explained.

“The key is, we can calculate universal energy for the space by using FengShui composition. We see a space like a human being with different FengShui accupoints, which include health, relationships, money, children, study, sickness, law suit or gossip, and popularity, accidents, promotion, etc. With this information, I can help clients to re-adjust their space’s energy. Once the energy is positive, the person who is living in the space will get the added benefit and have a positive life.”

“Good FengShui is good energy. Once you have good energy, good life will come to you.”

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