Health Department announces top 2017 baby names in Queens

Photo: Pexels

Oh baby! The Health Department has released the most popular names for boys and girls who were born this in 2017.

Liam was the top name for baby boys and Emma was the most popular name for baby girls in Queens last year. Both of these names also claimed the top spot as the most popular baby names throughout the city, with 571 Emmas and 734 Liams born.

Other popular baby names for girls in 2017 throughout the city included Olivia, Mia, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Leah, Emily, Sarah and Abigail. Popular boys’ names for babies born in New York City included Noah, Jacob, Ethan, David, Lucas, Matthew, Jayden, Aiden and Daniel.

The Health Department also released the final number of births throughout New York City in 2017. The city overall saw a 2.8 percent drop from 120,367 births to 117,013 births last year.

While Manhattan and Brooklyn took the top two spots with 43,691 births and 28,717 births, respectively, Queens came in third overall with 24,761 total births. Following behind Queens in 2017 in total number of births is the Bronx with 14,095 births and Staten Island with 5,749 births.

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