Long Island City ranks as second healthiest neighborhood in NYC

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A new report found that three Queens neighborhoods are on the list of the healthiest neighborhoods in the city.

StreetEasy teamed up with Seamless to find the top ten healthiest neighborhoods throughout New York City. To find this information, the study focused on four key factors:

  • The share of apartments in buildings with bike rooms, gyms and smoke-free policies on StreetEasy
  • The number of restaurants that fulfilled the highest amount of healthy food orders on Seamless
  • The number of gyms, fitness studios, pools, doctor’s offices, and health and wellness facilities on Yelp
  • The number of bike lanes, public parks, community gardens, recreation centers, sports fields, nature areas and farmer’s markets, as found through NYC Open Data.

According to the report’s findings, Long Island City came in as the second healthiest neighborhood in New York City, and the most healthy in the borough of Queens. The report found that Long Island City had the highest number of healthy restaurants, ranking above the NYC average for restaurants that fulfilled orders including super foods, brain foods and health-focused special requests.

Right behind Long Island City in the number three spot is Oakland Gardens, which StreetEasy noted was one of the more affordable neighborhoods, with a median rent of $1,813, that still offered many health-focused amenities. The report found that Oakland Gardens had 670,400 square feet of park space and 2,645 feet of bikes lanes per 1,000 people, more than 670 square feet of park space for every resident in the neighborhood, which is the most compared to the rest of Queens.

Rounding out the bottom of the list was Douglaston, which took the number nine spot on the list. The report found that Douglaston had the second highest amount of park space compared to the rest of the list with 727,088 square feet per 1,000 people. Additionally, the report found that restaurants in Douglaston were 50 percent more likely to fulfill healthy request orders.

To read the full report, visit StreetEasy.com.

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