Allied Aviation Presents at KAAMCO

Allied Aviation Presents at KAAMCO

The March KAAMCO/JFK GM meeting agenda included a presentation by began with a presentation by Jerry Biscardi, VP of Allied Aviation, reports from the FAA on the runway construction, the New Airport Operations Center (AOC), KAAMCO annual trip to Puerto Rico, safety reminders, physical plant projects, minimum wage reminder, security office move to Building 141, PAPD hustler crackdown, various department updates and closing remarks by Deputy Tony Vero.

Biscardi opened the meeting with a presentation of aircraft fueling, talked about the fueling of aircraft, the history of the procedures and astounded the audience by disclosing that 1.6 billions of gallons of fuel is consumed yearly by JFK aircraft. This is an amazing 140,000 gallons a day! He talked a bit about the new tanks that will be built at the airport adding another 3.5 million gallons each to meet the growth of the airport.

And growth of the airport is on KAAMCO’s mind. Roger Scott, VP, announced that Arthur Molins of Terminal One Group Associates would be the guest speaker in April discussing the expansion of Terminal One as part of the redevelopment at JFK Airport.

From the FAA, during the GM portion of the meeting, Dave Siewert was called upon to give a report on the readiness of the FAA for the April 1st start. He said his facility is busy at work working strategies on how to manage the upcoming construction closure and summer rush. Needs this to be survivable and managed by my team. “I am encouraged by these words from my team using the new term “surmanagable” working hard to make this a successful team project.

He said that his team is in the midst of operational training in advance of the planned construction challenges as a result of a visit by Port Executive Director Rick Cotton and Port Aviation Director Huntley Lawrence and briefing by the JFK redevelopment team.

Reports from the committees included:

Security. AJ Patel reported that the TSA had been focusing on the catering facilities around the airport for months. CCTV cameras have been installed for compliance reasons. He cautioned at he air carriers that compliance in security is part of their responsibility. He added that the e-app is working. In regards SIDA badging he shared that other airports have an online appointment protocol that keeps applicants aware of the status of their approval. Both the GM and DGM made notes about this idea and it was agreed to look into. Patel remarked that some terminal security managers and the Queens District Attorney met to review the hustler and homeless problems at the airport.

KAAMCO VP Roger Scott gave the group an update on the Annual Convention. He thanked the several sponsors (including Airway, Jet Way, WFS, Royal Waste, API, TOGA, Swissport and Goldentouch) of the event and reminded attendees that the JetBlue a special fare is still available.

Interline Jim Groark said that he is waiting for the 2018 statistics for the Interline.

The General Managers portion of the meeting was called to order by GM Charles Everett giving a brief overview of reports from various Port departments, federal agencies and other stakeholders:

Safety. Sajida Fhamy of Safety spoke briefly about the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and recommended everyone check their expiration dates.

Operations. Manager Teresa Rizzuto addressed the decision to move ahead with the 13L31R runway construction as of April 1st. She provided an extensive presentation on the delay, impact mitigation strategy, community communication and mutual expectations to the member airlines. She announced that are nightly closures moving forward in advance of the major work. “Safe and effective management of the airport is most important and will work very closely with you”, Rizzuto said emphatically. The most import part; team effort.” To this end, weekly calls among all stakeholders will begin so that the progress or issues during construction are addressed promptly. She asked Roger Scott to comment and he graciously and directly thanked all for the efforts to bring the community together.

The announced Airport Operations Center (AOC) will open April 1st. Rizzuto said The AOC at Building 145” until a combined build out of the AOC and EOC in Building 111 sometime in early 2020. This AOC will streamline efforts to bring together stakeholders land break down silos and make sure our customers are our main focus.”

She addressed the expectations from both Port and the community. There is also a communications package including social media handled through the AOC.The AOC will work as the daily heart of the airport operation. If there is a higher level alert then the Emergency Operations Center will take charge. If you would like a copy of the presentation, please contact Sam Erickson seric[email protected]panynj.gov.

Rizzuto asked Roger Scott to help discuss the airport and Port expectations respectively. Scott stated that despite differing opinions concerning the implementation of the project he said that there was, “ the most considerable community participation may have seen have seen since my time here”. He added “ we all have the same goal, our customers.” In addition he offered to share his performance metering and compliance reports and asked others to share the same for common goals. Rizzuto thanked Scott for speaking on behalf of the Kaamco community. She strongly suggested that airlines participate in the weekly community construction meetings to insure communication and safe and effective management.

Port Aviation Director Hintley Lawrence at the JFK Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Physical Plant Manny Ciminiello spoke about Taxiway CA and CB. Project is facilitate infrastructure for North Cargo redevelopment program by making it wider and allow group 6 aircraft capability. Work scheduled in August and finish in July 2020. He mentioned that the Tenant Alteration Application and asked the community to use the “No further comment” from the tenant so the plan is finalized and permanent. Previously announced line striping will begin in early May. The WiFi enhanced network is in progress and spreading to all terminals for better connectivity.

Airtrain Jamaal Cox reported on the winter performance and the mitigation in delays with engine technical improvements preventing water from getting into the equipment from packed snow and caused problems. He also reported on the placement of heat curtains at Federal Circle for more warmth for Airtrain users. The customer experience efforts include improved digital signage, which is now in pilot stage at Terminal 8 and will be implemented throughout the system. Improved on board CCTV and Wi-Fi is in progress as well as a count down screen for train station movements.

Property Manager Laura Garland reported on the new minimum wage increase in September 2019 and asked for cooperation from stakeholders in submitting wage forms. For more information she suggested contacting Linda Johnson, ljohn[email protected]anynj.gov.

Security Office. Marsha Hoffstadt reported that the ID office has moved to Building 141 with computer based training operational Biometric card readers have been installed at Guard Post Victor, and will be replacing older readers at all guard posts. A reader is available for familiarization at the ID office.

PAPD Lt. Lomonaco introduced the AOC/EOC Lt. Jamie Santos. Lomanoco reported that the hustle arrests, hack summonses are up, traffic summonses are up. Regular duties include bad and vehicle checks, emergency response drills throughout the airport, vehicle check points, air train patrols, ramp inspections and enforcements, and ramp identification checks/ Larceny claims, such as property thefts are level. These are crimes of opportunity so he asks that customers reminded to watch their belongings. He said that in reaction to terrorist fears in London, PAPD actions were ramped up. In two weeks the PAPD academy will be graduating recruits and there will be 30 more new law enforcement officers with 250 now at the airport.

FAA Tower Dave Siewert reported that After meeting with both Port Executive Director Rick Cotton and Aviation Director Huntley Lawrence, “I am much encouraged by meeting we are much better when we are standing together working and tackling problems jointly. Happy to say we have a thorough understanding our mutual goals. He thanked Everett for setting up this meeting and Port for sharing redevelopment plans for review. Terminal One Executive Director Steve Rowland asked for clarification about the news that a major mail handler at the airport will not longer be handling mail scanning and it a concern that the USPS may not be able to keep up with the number of the dollys and cans used at the facility and returned to the airlines and terminals. Operations Manager Rizzuto said it is a focus and “we are working on it.”

Dave Lombard of American Airlines notified the group that the AA Medal of Honor ceremony would take places March 23. 30 recipients to Washington.

NYS Parks. Ann Marie Agostinello announced the upcoming Jones Beach Airshow and Thunderbirds participation. She asks for a 5 nautical mile Tracon during the show. F18’s. and Thunderbirds will be the only aircraft affecting TFR’s.

Dolores Hofman announced that Wednesday, June 5th is the QASDO 37th Aviation event. Airlines and tenants and vendors are invited to participate with a table of literature, products and services. It is free for these companies to attract businesses and to benefit from ASDO services.

Tony Vero closed the meeting addressing safety and EMS at the airport. He said they are taking a look at call locations. Currently we have two ambulances on location at the airport and are considering an AOA location as well. He added that there is a safety committee, which meets monthly and looks at issues raised by stakeholders. We make inspections and evaluate risks and possible hazards and discuss recommendations. Stakeholders are invited to ask Sam Erickson, Chair, and Safety Committee with any questions or concerns.

Vero complimented the JFK Chamber of Commerce for their work in creating a 9/11 Memorial at the airport. We support the idea, planning is moving along with plans an piece of steel from the WTC.

He stated that quarterly customer experience meetings are held and Port is putting a 5-year “Customer Roadmap to Exceptional Connected Experiences” plan, listening to data and identifying pain points to address. In 2019 there are 18 focus priority areas and Port asked all to share any thoughts.

Vero mentioned the Sue M. Baer Memorial Scholarship provided by the Christ for the World Chapel awarded at the April luncheon at Russo’s on the Bay, the JFK 5K Runway Run, the JFK Air Cargo Assn.. EXPO and the advancement of the JFK redevelopment program. Both Charles and I and our team understand the construction and limit the impact of this construction and we have to be prepared to mitigate the impacts.

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