IBID GatewayJFK’s Spring Clean-Up

IBID GatewayJFK’s Spring Clean-Up
Gateway JFK cleanup with the Wildcat Neighborhood Improvement Program District 31 Council Member Donovan J. Richards and Executive Director: Scott Grimm-Lyon, AICP
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Just in time for spring GatewayJFK, a Queens industrial business improvement district (IBID), launched a new neighborhood beautification program along Rockaway Blvd. Supported by Councilman Donovan Richards, the kickoff was a 2-day cleanup where 10 Wildcat Services workers went over every street, sidewalk and median in the 215-acre district to make sure that the neighborhood was thoroughly cleaned. Wildcat Services provide transitional employment and vocational training to public assistance recipients, justice-involved individuals and residents of homeless shelters.

GatewayJFK is where logistics and cargo, hotel, food service, other industries, and a middle-class community, call home. The mission of GatewayJFK is to create a space in New York where the air cargo industry can expand, thrive, and be a good neighbor according to Grimm and Richards.

“This is the perfect time to hold this event.” Said Scott Grimm-Lyon, Executive Director of GatewayJFK. “Spring Cleanings help us enjoy the nice weather and by cleaning the neighborhood, the workers and residents of the area will be able to take pride in their community and feel like this is a place that’s cared for, healthy, and economically sound.”

GatewayJFK is home to over 600 businesses and 150 single family households. Most business in the area are customs brokers, freight forwarders, shipping and maintenance companies that provide logistical support to the air cargo industry operating out of JFK airport. GatewayJFK is dedicated to making the area a clean and safe space to live in, work in, and invest in. The efforts toward beautification are just the first step in a larger vision. “We’ve been working with NYPD to help fight illegal dumping, and we’re also conducting a full traffic study of the area” Grimm-Lyon said “

As part of continuing to improve the quality of life in the Gateway area Grimm said, “We’ve reported to the City of NY:173 potholes, 104 sidewalk or curb conditions, 83 other street conditions, 33 requests for street trees, 7 low hanging wires or other utility issues, 4 broken bollards, 3 abandoned vehicles, and 5 locations of illegal dumping.

GatewayJFK will be holding its second annual meeting on Thursday June 13th 2019 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the new TWA hotel. The meeting is open to the public, but you have to be a business owner, resident, or property owner who lives in or owns a business inside the district boundaries to vote on official business.

GatewayJFK is looking for sponsors to help them install additional banners in the district. For more information please contact Scott Grimm-Lyon at 516-730-3400 or scott@gatewayjfk.org.

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