After weeks of delays, city will finally finish repaving a stretch of Myrtle Avenue in Glendale

Photo via Google Maps

Glendale residents waiting for a smoother Myrtle Avenue drive will be glad to hear that the Department of Transportation announced its schedule to resurface the street from Cooper Avenue to 76th Street starting Wednesday, June 5.

The agency has left over a 20-block stretch of Myrtle from Cooper Avenue to Woodhaven Boulevard stripped and rough for the past month according to Board 5 District Manager Gary Giordano, who believes that the holdup was due to excessive periods of rain.

“Normally the time between milling and resurfacing is usually two weeks. When it gets to be a longer period then there’s cause for concern,” said Giordano. “So we are happy that they are coming here. We hope that it stays dry.”

The repaving is planned to happen at night. Following the stretch planned for this week, Giordano said that the agency would still have to finish the section from 80th Street to Woodhaven Boulevard. He hoped it will happen at the beginning of the following week. The section from 76th Street to 80th Street has no repaving planned.

Board 5 has also requested nighttime resurfacing along Fresh Pond Road from Myrtle Avenue to Bleecker Street and on Metropolitan Avenue from Andrews Avenue in Maspeth to Pleasantview Street in Middle Village.

Giordano says he hopes that the DOT might be able to take these projects on during summer while residents are out of town on vacation and school is out of session.

“Those are requests that we’ve put in and are advocating regularly for,” said Giordano.

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