Debit card skimming device found on ATM at Duane Reade in Ridgewood

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Photo: 104th Precinct

Detectives are looking for two suspects seen on camera installing a skimming device on an ATM at Duane Reade pharmacy in Ridgewood last week.

Two individuals are depicted in footage shared on Twitter by the 104th Precinct allegedly installing the device at 54-11 Myrtle Ave. on July 12.

A drugstore customer discovered the device at around 8:30 a.m. that day and reported it to store employees, who contacted police.

The skimmers pick up the personal and account information of anyone who swipes a credit or debit card through it. This information is then typically used for the production of counterfeit debit cards or financial accounts that can cost individuals and financial institutions.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests, according to cops.

Anyone with information on the duo are asked to call the NYPD at 718-330-1805.

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