Tiegerman School begins new special education program in Woodside

Photo: Jacob Kaye/QNS

A special education school recently launched a new program in Woodside. 

The Tiegerman School at Woodside is a state-approved non-public school and will service pre-K through grade 12 special education students this coming fall. Its student to teacher ratio better serves the students, who may require more individualized attention, its director of schools said. 

“The staff to student ratios allow for the students to grasp and manage the curriculum,” said Dr. Jeremy Tiegerman, the director of schools at Tiegerman, a network of special education schools in Queens. 

With ratios of 10 students to one special education certified teacher and one teaching assistant, eight students to one teacher and two teaching assistants and six students to one teacher and three teaching assistants, the Tiegerman School at Woodside is the first of its kind in its network. 

Nina DeVita is the principal of the new school. DeVita began teaching at Tiegerman’s Richmond Hill High School location about a decade ago and quickly worked her way up the leadership chain. 

“I’m looking forward to growing with these kids,” DeVita said. “It’s just amazing that we’re taking Dr. Tiegerman’s vision of a pre-school and growing with our kids. 

“[DeVita] has a unique opportunity to grow and develop a program and be creative and shape it,” said Tiegerman. “She really has a this blank canvas that she can create into something quite extraordinary.” 

Founded by Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman in 1985, Tigerman centers around a teaching system designed to stimulate and challenge children’s language development.  

“We believe very, very firmly that students cannot progress or learn the skills or curriculum in schools without first having the language foundational skills,” said Tiegerman, the founder’s son. “That’s really what we stress here.”

The Tiegerman network is also beginning to expand their adult services, something Tiegerman is excited about.

“We are really growing with our family and students through the life cycle, from around 2-ish until they are old and gray,” Tiegerman said. 

The Tiegerman School at Woodside, located at 70-24 47th Ave., will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 24. More information about the school can be found here

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