Bayside-based artist introduces new ‘NYC Faces’ exhibit depicting New Yorkers in transit

Photo courtesy of Clare Stokolosa

“NYC Faces,” a series of paintings depicting New Yorkers in transit by artist Clare Stokolosa, is returning to La Galeria at Boricua College on Friday.

The Bayside-based artist began sketching people while on the LIRR one morning in 2016, when she noticed what she called a “phenomenon.”

“Everyone was on the phone, so I pulled out my sketchpad,” Stokolosa said. “I wanted to document people and the way we interact, and how it’s changed over time.”

Stokolosa first showcased her work in 2017 at Boricua College, where she also served as an art history professor for a semester. She has since expanded the collection and added new pieces, which she said come in small, apartment-friendly sizes and “bigger-than-life” sizes that are up to 64 inches in height.

Some of her pieces were even showcased on more than 1,700 of the city’s LinkNYC kiosks this summer, as part of the #ArtOnLink program.

To celebrate the opening of “NYC Face,” a reception will be held on Nov. 8 at Boricua College’s La Galeria, located at 3755 Broadway in Manhattan. Visitors will be able to meet Stokolosa, and enjoy refreshments.

The exhibit will run until Nov. 22 by appointment.

Stokolosa, who recently received the Italian Heritage and Culture award from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, hopes that this project starts a conversation.

“We do live in harmony, and the pieces are a very good example of that” she said. “I want it to start a conversation about how we can live peacefully.”

For more information and to schedule your visit, contact Stokolosa at [email protected]

Photo credit: Suretta Wooten

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