NYPD cop arrested for choking his wife in an argument over infidelity in their Queens home: DA

Photo via Shutterstock

An NYPD cop was arrested over the weekend for allegedly strangling his wife and assaulting another man during two separate incidents in Queens.

Carlos Marin, 27, was charged with assault and strangulation on Nov. 23. Police say that Marin was on duty at the time of his arrest.

Sources familiar with the investigation state that Marin had gotten into a dispute with his 27-year-old wife over infidelity on Nov. 18. Marin then allegedly struck her and pushed her on to the bed, where he proceeded to choke her and punch her. His wife later reported the incident to the NYPD.

Prior to this incident, sources say, Marin allegedly served papers to the father of his female friend’s father, where he ultimately got into an argument with the man. The dispute escalated, which allegedly result in Marin punching the man, causing bruising.

Marin was arraigned and released on his own recognizance.

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