Drivers spend less time looking for parking in Queens than most of the city: Report

Cars parked on the urban street side
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While finding a parking space in Queens can be a stressful test in patience and persistence, a new report found that the borough’s drivers have it better than most of the city.

According to a report from Zipcar, Queens drivers spend an average 17 minutes trying to find a parking space. Only drivers from Staten Island reported that they could find a space faster — but only by one minute.

In Brooklyn and Manhattan, drivers reported they spend 21 minutes on average looking for a space to park their car. Bronx drivers said the search for free space takes them 19 minutes.

While not inexpensive, Queens also is one of the cheaper places to park, the report found.

According to Zipcar, the monthly cost of a private parking space in Queens is $72. In Manhattan, drivers pay an average of $248 a month on private parking spaces.

High prices and crowded conditions lead drivers in Manhattan to curse the streets they drive on, the report also found. About 37 percent of car owners in Manhattan reported using profanity at least once a day while trying to find parking. About 24 percent of Queens drivers said they blurt out an expletive while trying to find a spot.

Zipcar also asked the survey’s respondents what they would give up to no longer deal with the hassles of parking. About 31 percent of New York car owners said they would give up social media, 29 percent said they’d give up coffee, 26 percent said they’d give up either ice cream or chocolate and 9 percent said they’d give up sex.

For the report, Zipcar gathered data from 796 car owners, across all five boroughs.

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