Victoria’s Diary: Let the games begin

Claire Shulman endorses Donovan Richards.

Not to denigrate the process of electing the people who represent us in elected office, but it does seem like the ultimate “game.”

Candidates are fighting for our votes in so many ways and I had a chance to be on the scene covering several races from president of the United States to president of Queens!

There is no person more revered as a true public servant who created more lasting institutions in Queens than any other elected official than Claire Shulman. It’s because of her that there is a Hall of Science, an expanded Queens Museum, and a skating rink and pool in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

She also played an integral role in moving the Latimer House to a permanent home. Latimer was the scientist who gave us the electric bulb. 

There is also the USTA property she made sure got built in Queens, which is now a billion dollar tourist attraction. The list goes on and on. 

Even now, as Claire is ready to celebrate her 94th birthday on Feb. 23, she’s as active as ever.

She never would have allowed Queens to lose Amazon, as she never would have folded in fear that she would lose her election if she supported the project. She knows what’s good for the county and always fought for it, no matter what.

So, when she held a fund-raiser for Donovan Richards in her home and gave him a hug of support, it was a very powerful endorsement.

On our Schneps Media podcasts, my Power Women podcast, and my Queens team’s Queens Week podcast, we have interviewed all of the borough president candidates. Tune in on Schnepsbroadcasting.com to hear each one.

The special election will be March 24 and everyone eligible must make their voice heard by going to the polls.

Save the date of love

Valentine’s Day was the last day to change your registration to another party. The spotlight will be on New York on April 28, when the state’s Democrats will vote to choose their presidential candidate.  

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, our city’s former mayor, recently opened offices in Queens, Mineola, and White Plains. To teach my grandkids about our political process, I took them to one of the Bloomberg office openings. Addy, 8 and Jonah, 10, joined me and saw the fun side of the political “game” — the balloons, the signs and the cheering.

I believe my kids must learn to participate in the political process, something we all must do to keep our democracy alive.

So, remember to come out and vote for Queens Borough President on March 24 and the Democratic primary on April 28. No matter what your politics are, it’s up to you to use your power of choice and take time to vote. 

Let your voice be heard with the touch of a pencil to a ballot in your neighborhood.

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