JFKIAT T4 SOARS-Adds $3.8 billion to JFK Airport redevelopment

JFKIAT T4 SOARS-Adds $3.8 billion to JFK Airport redevelopment
Congratulations to JFKIAT, DELTA and JFK Airport for redevelopment for the “A New JFK.”. $17 billion is new redevelopment investment for “A New JFK” Airport after JFKIAT and Delta signed a new $3.8 billion agreement for expansion and improvements at T4. CEO JFKIAT Roel Huinink braves Winter wind happily anticipating $3.8 billion Spring redevelopment.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater


Adds $3.8 billion to JFK Redev

By Jeff Yapalater

Governor Cuomo’s vision plan for a 21st Century Airport is moving forward rapidly with the expansion and modernization of Terminal 4, operated by JFKIAT. Groundwork on the plan is to begin in Spring of this year.

On February 13, the final pillar of lease agreements in the JFK Redevelopment, terminal development, was passed by the Port Authority for the expansion and renovation of Terminal 4, with JFKIAT and Delta as partners. This T4 lease follows similar agreements for Terminal One, JetBlue, and American Airlines all of which have major redevelopment programs to kick-off in Spring of 2020. Supplemental infrastructure construction supporting airport growth includes electrical substation replacements, roadways reconfiguration, new North Cargo area buildings, a central ground handling transportation center, expanded AirTrain, recent taxiway and runway reconstruction. This plan was initiated by Governor Cuomo with the redevelopment of the iconic TWA Terminal, now the TWA Hotel, in early 2017. The redevelopment is occurring at the same time with projects at LaGuardia and Newark airports which are currently in construction. These airport projects will create the golden triangle of air transportation in metro New York rivaling any airport elsewhere in the world.

The modernization of T4 will dramatically expand Terminal 4 and consolidate Delta operations at T4 after leaving Terminal 2 which has been the second gateway for Delta at JFK. Current operations from T2 will move to T4 as T2 is demolished to make room for an expanded Terminal One which will spread out over Terminals1 and former footprints of terminals 2 and 3. “The Terminal 4 expansion will be another milestone in the transformation of JFK Airport, with upgrades that will give passengers the world-class experience they expect when flying into New York,” Governor Cuomo said. “When completed, our $13 billion project to modernize JFK will create a more unified airport and solidify New York’s position as the premier entry point to our country.”

CEO JFKIAT, Terminal 4 Huinink said that “ We are very excited to make this announcement that we have been preparing for the last 18 months. We have been working behind the scenes for a couple of years and are now happy to be part of $3.8 billion project working closely with partners Port Authority and Delta Air Lines to make it a success.” VP JFK Operations Delta, Stephanie Baldwin commented, “We look forward to the T4 redevelopment project and partnering with our friends and partners at the IAT. As the largest carrier at JFK, carrying over 18 million customers and 93000 pounds of freight in 2019, we look forward to the continued service of our customers here in NY and around the world”.

The $3.8 billion Terminal 4 project will modernize and expand the existing terminal, adding more than 500,000 square feet. The ambitions 3 year plan encompasses renovation of the existing terminal to include world class retail and food options, upgraded ticketing and gate areas, self-service bag and ticketing kiosks, and best in class technology.

Said Huinink, “We have a lot of pride in the terminal over the past 20 years but want to be relevant for the future. Our planned Improvements include

a new concourse, better layout ,energy saving finishes, new restrooms and what I am most excited about is the technology. We have invested in many technology improvements and will continue to do so with increased use of biometrics with the Customs Border Protection Simplified Arrival program, modern way finding and the use of Google translate to help international travelers move more confidently.”

The redesign of Terminal 4 – which became the first air terminal to achieve LEED O+M certification in 2017 – will continue the Port Authority’s and JFKIAT’s commitment to energy efficiency, utilizing energy saving equipment and lighting throughout the terminal. The concourse expansion will incorporate infrastructure for rainwater capture and reuse within the building. In keeping with the Port Authority’s standards for transitioning to electric vehicles across its facilities, the project includes charging stations for electric ground service equipment at all new gates along with a deicing recovery system to capture spent deicing fluid.

The expanded concourse A will add 16 new gates, the renovation of existing concourses, The 16-gate expansion will replace the 11 gates currently used by Delta at Terminal 2, which was built in 1962.

The consolidation of T2 into T4 will also allow for more seamless connections on many of Delta’s partner airlines. The project will include expanded seating areas and includes a new Delta Sky Club in Terminal 4’s Concourse A.

Roadway access and frontage adjacent to Terminal 4 will also be reconfigured as part of this project, improving vehicle access for customers. This access will benefit from the construction of a new Ground Transportation Center replacing the large ground parking field across from TThe roadway improvements will be completed in late 2025 with the other JFK Airport redevelopment projects. The roadway improvements will be completed in late 2025 with the other JFK Airport redevelopment projects.

The expansion and renovation of Terminal 4 is expected to be financed by JFKIAT. In early February, Delta’s Board of Directors authorized Delta’s management team to negotiate and enter into definitive agreements.

Ed Bastian, Delta CEO, said, “Delta is investing more in airport infrastructure today than at any other time in our history. With transformational projects now underway at both JFK and LaGuardia, we’re creating the airports our New York customers have long deserved. We’re looking forward to working with our partners at JFKIAT and the Port Authority to deliver a truly superior experience at JFK Terminal 4 that cements its status as a world-class global gateway for Delta customers.”Delta has grown its presence in New York City by over 65 percent in the last 10 years and today operates more than 240 peak daily departures from JFK to nearly 100 destinations in more than 30 countries around the world.

Roel Huinink, President and CEO of JFKIAT, said, “The expansion of Terminal 4 represents the next evolution of one of the world’s most modern and efficient air terminals. T4 accounts for one-third of traffic for JFK, and by investing in this expansion, we will be able to continue driving innovation within the terminal, increase its capacity, and bring our best-in-class customer experience to the next level. We look forward to our continued partnership with Delta and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as we begin this exciting initiative to strengthen JFK’s position as a world class airport.”

JFKIAT, a U.S. affiliate of Royal Schiphol Group, has been the operator of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport since 1997. The expansion will further enhance the terminal’s offerings for its 33 airline partners with new technologies to ensure expedited and seamless passenger processing capabilities, innovative food options, a locally inspired retail mix, children’s play areas, and other amenities to ensure passenger comfort and convenience.


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