Watchful eye of Customs Border Protection

Watchful eye of Customs Border Protection
CBP watchful eye
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

The amount of cargo moving in and out of airports, and the number of flights that make multiple stops before arriving in the US creates perfect opportunities for devious smugglers. Hundreds or even thousands of different destinations packages are off loaded from air cargo flights can be tempting for criminals to try and game the system during these times of fast paced emergency deliveries.

The US Customs Border Protection agency is the wall against such attempts.

Officers are on hand to meet each international flights, review documentation and inspect the goods to intercept any illegal or restricted goods from entering the country. In this case, the CBP was conducting inspection of the critical payload from Russia’s delivery of ventilators, respirators, and much needed medical supplies at JFK Airport. WFS ground handling moved goods from the second largest air cargo freighter in the world, Antonov-124, to delivery trucks to FEMA to fight Covid19.

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