New data shows Corona leads in COVID-19 cases while Far Rockaway leads in death rate

Corona is home to the most cases of the novel coronavirus in the borough and the city, according to new data released by the New York City Health Department on Monday, May 18.

With 4,234 cases, the western Queens neighborhood has over 1,000 cases more than Elmhurst, which, with 3,068 cases, ranks second in the borough.

Much of the data provides further evidence of the idea that low-income neighborhoods, populated primarily by people of color, have been the neighborhoods hit hardest by the pandemic. 

Top ten Queens neighborhoods ranked by number of COVID-19 cases

Rank ZIP Neighborhood Cases
1 11368 Corona 4,234
2 11373 Elmhurst 3,068
3 11372 Jackson Heights 2,379
4 11691 Far Rockaway 2,152
5 11377 Woodside 2,072
6 11385 Ridgewood 2,027
7 11434 Rochdale 1,946
8 11432 Jamaica 1,691
9 11435 Briarwood 1,535
10 11369 East Elmhurst 1,504

While western Queens leads in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Rockaways and Flushing experienced some of the highest numbers of deaths per 100,000 residents, according to the data.

In Far Rockaway, nearly 445 people per 1,000 have died of COVID-19, the highest number in the borough and the second highest in the city. The rate is similar in Flushing, where about 434 people per 100,000 have died of the disease. Arverne and Rockaway Park rank fourth and sixth, respectively, in the death rate in the borough.

Top 10 Queens neighborhoods ranked by deaths per 100,000 residents

Rank ZIP Neighborhood Deaths per 100,000 Cases
1 11691 Far Rockaway 444.73 2,152
2 11354 Flushing 434.09 1,110
3 11369 East Elmhurst 411.38 1,504
4 11692 Arverne 382.70 555
5 11372 Jackson Heights 348.45 2,379
6 11694 Rockaway Park 343.88 662
7 11432 Jamaica 341.80 1,691
8 11368 Corona 330.66 4,234
9 11373 Elmhurst 287.48 3,068
10 11004 Glenn Oaks 282.54 541

As data grows, the health disparity between income levels and races becomes more clear. 

While many neighborhoods in the Rockaways were hit hard by death and disease, Breezy Point, which is overwhelmingly white, was largely spared, according to the data. The neighborhood had the third fewest deaths per 100,000 residents in the borough. 

Similarly, while western Queens neighborhoods have been some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in the entire country, the western most neighborhoods, including Long Island City and Astoria, have seen relatively few numbers of cases and far fewer deaths, according to the data. 

Death rate per 100,000 people

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