Summer book reading for kids: Ages 3 to young adults

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This is a summer like no other, camps are limited, and kids are either learning remote or staying close to home. It may be a ‘new normal,’ but this doesn’t change that reading a great book is an excellent opportunity for kids to keep their minds on the learning path.

We have curated a cool list of books that take you to the moon,  show you that you matter to goats contending with a chupacabra, and more!

Here are 11 books for summer reading for kids 3 and up!

Cool Cuts Written and Illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe – Ages 3-7

A celebration of a boys’ natural Black hair that shows eclectic and cool hairstyles. Vibrant illustrations of swirly curls, a fro-hawk, or mini twists — this book celebrates hair with positive messages and joy. $9.67, amazon.com

You Matter Hardcover by Christian Robinson – Ages 4 to 8

A lovely summer read or a bedtime story. While many have been through some tough months, this sweet read is a gentle but essential message accompanied by beautiful illustrations that shows the beauty of our world. $15.89 and up, simonandschuster.com

Love, Sophia on the Moon – Ages 4 to 8

An enduring read, especially now as we have all been tested a bit in quarantine. A book that shows the bond of a mother and daughter. When Sophia decides to live on the moon, she and her mom share their conversations through letters that display the love between family even when there is frustration or anger involved. $12.99, amazon.com

The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra by Marc Tyler Nobleman Illustrated by Ana Aranda – Ages 5 to 8

Vivid illustrations and witty storytelling make for a fun read for your child. The goats have to contend with the chupacabra (who love to eat goats!) with fun wordplay. While this is not a scary monster book, it will elicit more than a few chuckles from your little one. $13.69, amazon.com

Unicorn Academy #8: Ariana and Whisper by Julie Sykes, Illustrated by Lucy Truman – Ages 6 to 9

This cool chapter book series is where girls at the Unicorn Academy have their own unicorn! On Unicorn Island no less. In the eighth series of this book, Ariana adores her unicorn, Whisper, yet they have differences. As all the animals begin to leave the Verdant Forest, both Ariana and Whisper work to bring the animals home and learn that their bond is unbreakable. $5.99, target.com

Confessions of a Dork Lord- by Mike Johnston (Author), Marta Altés (Illustrator)

Wick is the son of Dark Lord and is set to inherit the role of leader of the Grim World. However, he is stuck in Remedial Spell Casting and has challenges of other dramas at school, and on top of this, the bullies at school call him ‘Dork Lord.’ Follow Wick as he journals his plan to defeat his enemies and become great, all while being in Middle Ages School! $12.59, target.com

A Phoenix First Must Burn by Patrice Caldwell, Ages 12 to 17

If your teenager loves short stories, they’ll enjoy this anthology book of sixteen fantastical stories. Ranging in sci-fi, fairytale, romance and folklore.

Centered on the Black experience — each of these stories — is the perfect summer book for your teenager. Celebrated authors Elizabeth Acevedo, Amerie, and Patrice Caldwell are just three of the many talented authors featured in this book. $16.99, target.com

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu – Ages 12 to 17

New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu authors a book that is different from her usual popular novels. A historical fiction story on the two Mozart siblings Wolgang and Nannerl, yes, Mozart had a sister! This story is about their bond, an imaginary world, and the struggle of Nannerl and the passion she has for music. This book has many layers, but it is the perfect book to read when in the time of COVID-19 — a little escapism is a good thing. $13.99, walmart.com

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