Flushing Council Member slams e-scooter expansion set for eastern Queens

Council Member Sandra Ung was joined by Community Board 7 chairman Gene Kelty and Flushing BID executive director Dian Song Yu to denounce the Department of Transportation’s plan to expand the E-Scooter Share program to Flushing.
Photo courtesy of CM Ung

On Thursday, May 30, Council Member Sandra Ung (D-20) held a press conference with local community leaders to oppose the DOT’s e-scooter program, which is set to expand in Flushing.

Ung cites Flushing’s “unique challenges and dense urban environment” and ongoing congestion conditions as reasons why the plan would be detrimental to the community. Ung emphasized it would be a mistake for Flushing to be a part of the program, which is set to deploy over 6,000 scooters throughout eastern Queens neighborhoods.

Council Member Ung’s press conference comes about a month before the program is set to launch in eastern Queens. The e-scooter program is based on the successful launch of a similar program in the East Bronx.

Last July, Council Member Ung wrote a letter to DOT commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez, urging the commissioner to reconsider introducing the e-scooter sharing program in Flushing. She has since reiterated her opposition in multiple meetings with the DOT.

“Throughout the department’s community outreach, the DOT has continually ignored the concerns of our immigrant community, and instead are going to go forward with this whether we like it or not,” said Ung. “Our community deserves safe, walkable streets and sidewalks, not additional obstacles and hazards. I wish DOT would work with us to find solutions that enhance our community, not place additional burdens on it.

Dian Song Yu, executive director of the Flushing BID, added that there is a major emphasis on keeping Flushing commuters and pedestrians safe during their commutes. “As a major transit hub with over 100,000 commuters and pedestrians walking throughout downtown Flushing, we must keep our sidewalks safe and clear for everyone, especially for people in wheelchairs and baby strollers,” Song Yu said.  The Flushing BID and Queens Community Board 7– which represents Flushing- have stated their opposition to the expansion in Flushing during meetings and presentations with the DOT. 

The Queens expansion of the e-scooter share program will cover around 20 square miles, from northeastern Queens neighborhoods to southeastern Queens. The proposal would create about 40 scooter parking corrals on sidewalks and roadways in downtown Flushing. Riders are expected to park their scooters in the corrals, which will be designated by painted lines.