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Startup Event: How to Adjust Daily Operations to the COVID Realities

September 3, 2020, 6:30 pm8:30 pm.
General Admission: Free


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies from all over the world to work remotely. Very few could imagine that this drastic shift would happen just within several weeks.

After a few months of the quarantine, some startups decided to stick with the practice throughout 2021 as well, while others are still battling the new work culture.

Many CEOs are trying to figure out how to manage their whole staff remotely, adapt their fundraising strategy, deal with a sales and revenue drop, and still produce a competitive product.

– How has COVID-19 impacted each one’s day-to-day work and corporate roles?
– How has the pandemic affected the product and development, revenue, sales, growth sides?
– What business strategies have Connatix and PrivCo used to pivot during the pandemic?
– Could other startups in the industry apply them?

Join us on September 3 at 6:30 pm EDT to get expert insights on how to improve your daily operations and increase business efficiency disrupted by the pandemic.


Jon Chu is a tech executive who loves to scale companies, build products and experiences that tells a great story. He is currently Chief Product Officer at PrivCo, a private company intelligence, and services company. Jon is an accomplished technology thought leader with over 19+ years of mobile, product, and data experiences working in multiple industries with various Fortune 100 companies.

Jennifer Q. Chen is currently Chief Revenue Officer at Connatix, a video platform serving publishers across content and advertising. She manages sales, accounts, and marketing functions. Jennifer began her career in banking at Lehman, joined early-stage e-commerce startup thereafter, and has spent the last decade in advertising and marketing in various commercial growth leadership roles.

Founder’s 1-minute Pitch

Building your own venture and looking for a stage to share more? We’d love to have you! Join us and present your idea/product/company to the speakers and the audience.


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