College Point

The majority of men that will be placed in this shelter HAD a warm bed and a full belly BEFORE they chose to become criminals... before they fell victim to the disease of addiction... before they burned every single bridge that could have helped them over the horrible reality of homelessness... if their loved ones have exhausted all of their resources, strength and hope for these individuals, then they need more than a bed and a bowl of soup to integrate back into society.. at this stage in their lives, they are a danger to society just as they would be to their own families would they continue to house them. The city has a terrible track record regulating programs once implemented... even if addiction services, counseling and job training are available and even IF they are a mandated requirement for being housed in the facility, there is a roll of red tape that could circle the moon to kick someone out once that is their assigned 'home'. If the individual doesn't take advantage of ALL services offered, they will still be a prisoner in one way or another.. and that's not for a residential area to take on... not in a town that already has its share of homeless, addicts and thugs.

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