Funding public transit is a hot button issue during the NYS election these days.

Beauty Salons are a blight on communities not a source of public health information. Wow.

Jackson heights has tons of fruit and veg stores and has a decent amount of supermarkets. This is a ridiculous article

I don't buy this article - especially not the headline - at least for Jackson Heights. A high number of restaurants/fast-casual restaurants in an area does not necessarily mean that there is a lack of fresh options available. Jackson Heights has a ton of restaurants - and a ton of grocery stores. Sure, the ratio of restaurants to grocery stores might be higher than in other neighborhoods, but that is likely due to the very high number of restaurants - not a lack of access to healthy food. There are absolutely food deserts but this is not one of them.

A turning point to say the least: How hypocritical.

Such everyday bureaucracy by the MTA.

The State Senate could make or break on which funding proposals will be passed for MTA funding in the future?

This election year could make or break an incumbent or a candidate, specifically on the issue of mass transit.

Getting the flu shot doesn't help

The Dome over Manhattan shown at the top of this post was by architect and engineer Thomas C. Howard of Synergetics, Inc. It was originally displayed in an exhibition at the Museum of Arts in 1959. After the show ended Mr. Howard gave it to Buckminster Fuller. It was later discovered in Buckminster Fuller's archives and wrongly credited to him as are most of TC Howard's dome buildings. Fuller was not an architect and did not design any actual dome building.

It's too bad the mass transit crisis is not the major priority for all citywide election races.

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