Short term inconveniences bring long term benefits.

Short-term inconveniences brings long-term benefits.

I'd like to correct my previous post. THIS Photo shows the BIKE PATH Exit on the Westbound L.I.E. Service Road. If you ride your bike through here, and head North on the path in Alley Pond Park, it comes out on Northern Boulevard (at the end of 234th street ). There are No markings, you have to figure it out for yourself.

I rode into Queens on Friday. I went South on Glen Cove Road, West on L.I.E. Service Road, South on Springfield Blvd, and West on Jamaica Avenue. Was able to get the bike on an off-peak train East out of Jamaica. 22 miles. I did notice , while I was slightly off course, that the Bike Lanes on 233rd St. have been moved together to the South side of that road, as a bi-directional bikeway. Asphalt is very fresh , and the BIKE LANE markings haven't been painted yet (or is it thermoplastic? They don't use paint anymore). I credit using a rear view mirror and a 2 watt LED Brake light (which is the equivalent of 20 watts ) for not having any problems on the way . The Bike Path in Alley Pond Park isn't much help, I should've stayed on Douglaston Turnpike. But the fact is, I've got over $400.00 Dollars worth of LED Lights on my bike, the average person riding a bike wouldn't bother to have that many lights, and would probably think it's okay to ride without lights because it's daytime. I'm staying on the side of caution, keeping in mind that lights are required in daytime for Motorcycles. Anyway, I ride with 1,100 lumens of Lights on my bike in the daytime, and I have no problems.

The bike lane on 223 Street is part of what is causing this problem. It takes multiple red lights before you can go the one block from 46th Avenue onto Northern Blvd. during many times of day. Therefore, people are going to rush to make the light more than they used to. There needs to be a right turn lane on 223 Street.

This bike lane is a tremendous hazard, not only at this intersection, but at the Cross Island North entrance ramp a couple hundred feet east. I am an avid biker myself, but I would never in a million years want to cross that intersection alone or with my family on bikes. Even though I travel that route often, I have difficulty figuring out the logic, or rhythm of the light pattern. It's just off. The light is confusing to drivers and bikers alike. I've witnessed many near fender benders, and confused bikers impacted by the strange timing of the light sequence. This intersection is not in any way safer than it was previously to the bike lane being constructed. I fear what will happen to bike riders when they become more active with the warmer weather. People are going to get seriously hurt.

When will this hapeen in Flushing??

I did not live in Soviet Russia 30 years ago, but the DOT comments are deserving of a banner headline in Pravda. Let's face it, this is a political war between de Blasio and his minions like The Douglaston Local Development Corp and the citizens who live here trying only to get to work, to the store, to pick up their kids. We often took the LIRR, but after The Douglaston Local Development Corp "fixed" the train station, it's a barren plaza where the stores have all closed and people can't be dropped off. But it's "so pretty". In this city, the far-left government wants to hurt the middle class. They want to deny accidents, delays, missed appointments, because they have power over all of us. So what if taxpayers can't get to work, bicycles are more important! Your kids are late to school, haha! The bicycle lane is a political statement, a triumph of bureaucracy over the people. Bravo de Blasio, your limo to Park slope will not be delayed one minute.

Bicyclists need the concrete barriers for protection. The cars are traveling way too fast.

How many lies can you put in one article? The Joe Michaels Mile is one, he was a runner. It's a running path, that's why it is a mile long. Our radically far-left Mayor caters to 'advocates' and donors. His so-called vision of traffic calming is a traffic jam, which he can pass in his motorcade of giant SUV's (if he shows up on time), and his DOT is working to hurt and punish car-owning taxpayers as fast as they can. If they want to help bikers, why is the pavement along the Cross Island Parkway a bombed out garbage and pothole strewn path? Why does most of Douglaston's streets look like Berlin in 1946? Yet this bike lane is 'urgent'. Well, northeast Queens voters, your government hates you. There's an election coming, you have a say in the process. Send these bureaucrats and activists a message!

What a horrible story, "activists" using the death of an elderly man to politicize this quest to choke off the only road between Little Neck, Douglaston and Bayside. Every smart biker discounts at the Cross Island Parkway. There's not even a pedestrian crosswalk, right turns on red are permitted by signs, it's just not a place for a recreational biker to challenge cars. The location is also 40 feet of the proposed 2 mile bike lane. This is a political overkill directed at a community of taxpayers poorly served by public transport. While we wait for the proper community backed lane, put in a crosswalk, a pushbutton to turn the light red, and 'dismount bikes here's signs. Send the DOT to finish Shore Road, we've been waiting 11 years!

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