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Seniors must go out and vote

I don't understand how a school counselor can hear a threat of suicide from a child that she knows is being bullied & decide that she doesn't need to follow regulations and report it. How can she be trusted with the school children if she can't follow the rules. Failing to report anything to anyone is endangering the life of a child. How can District 26 condone this? #FIX266 #FIREFULTON

The DOB found illegal GAS dryers installed in unit. If allowed to keep gas on and the building blew up, people would say "The DOB was just there!" COOP full of shit

Looking for the sons I gave up

Well make funding the MTA a major priority in your respective campaigns.

I don't know what family the DOE is working with but it is definitely not mine. They have in no way addressed the fact that the school failed to follow protocol andd chancellor's regulations.

I'm not so sure about the overpricing, but some of the cashiers and the assistant manager at my Key Food (138-37 Queens Blvd. in Jamaica) need an attitude adjustment. Also, the delivery person needs a MAJOR attitude adjustment. It is bad enough that they charge you for deliveries no matter how much you spend, but the usual delivery time is two hours and sometimes it can take from three to four hours.

This really makes no sense at all. We have weekend early voting that is hardly utilized by voters. Moving election day to a weekend only lowers voter turnout because people will make other plans outside of their voting precinct. Tuesday is fine because people are already out and will pass their polling places on their way home. Maybe extending polling hours to 9pm would be helpful. There are already laws that allow a person to leave work to vote without being fired. Of course they would not get paid for that time but they could have early voted.


Very nice Congrats Barry!

10 Ways to recognize hearing loss

November 04, 2015 / 10:51 AM
Congrats Barry! Very happy for you and the people you will serve. Danny Ruscillo

Key Food supermarkets have outrageously costly pricing on their food and goods. Better off shopping at bulk markets such as Costco et al and storing/freezing.

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