Ozone Park

I don't see how this shelter "more sense" - it's not near schools that men need... it's near kids. I don't blame the community for not wanting this. 100 grown men some with mental illness do not belong in community settings. They need treatment centers and job training. Free housing is not the solution to the homeless issue.

This shelter makes more sense than most of the others. At least it is in an area with schools and other neighborhood options. Everyone needs to share their weight. Unlike the ones the Mayor is shoving into hotels in Blissville where more homeless will be living her than residents. Where they will be in 10 x 12 rooms for $4500 a month. Where there is no kitchens or facilities. Where there is nothing to do because it is mainly industrial. where all three hotels are now homeless shelters...

Typical for the low-class area known as SE QUEENS. Let' be real and start calling out these ghetto areas for what they are the low-class ghetto criminals that make life unbearable for the law biding upstanding hard working citizens who have no choice but to live in these area. AND why are any damn quality of life law enforced in those areas. Ever go into them, a BIG MESS of do whatever you want from taking cars completely apart on the streets like it is your own person auto repair shop to garbage everywhere and even other crap in between. THIS CITY does NOTHING to better these types of communities which are the wild wild west of Queens.

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