Shoppers ring in holidays

By Chris Fuchs “I've been here since 4:30,” Bauer said. “We opened at 5 in the morning. The line was all the way back to the Barnes and Noble. Forget about it.” Although consumer activity at other name-brand stores like the Gap, Old Navy and Structure gradually picked up as the day wore on, the […]


Last Edition of the 20th Century

Rudy To Rudy: It’s The Board Of End Manhattan Hospitals Gain Foothold Here The year in Queens began with some distressing news and warnings for disaster. A fire that killed four people in a Manhattan skyscraper on Dec. 23 prompted the Queens Courier to run an article based on the fear many residents had that […]


Facing the Homeless of Queens

It seemed like the coat should be warm enough, but it wasn’t as the wind ripping up Roosevelt Ave. raked faces passing downed grates. No inviting place to step in. Nowhere to hide. Step quickly because soles get very cold against the Queens pavement on the coldest night of the season so far. And the […]


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